The investment management and investment activities as an independent service started in 2014, after long preparation and gain experience .

The service for the domestic industrial parks as an attractive investment based on the mission , which in addition to the classic site features a number of additional services to ensure comparative advantage also plays an important role.

This service is primarily for investors adjusted to the needs of people in Hungary site development , expansion or the establishment of thinking either short or long term.

The total investment cycle for all stages , we offer affordable, customized options , so I have taken part in the project preparation and the planning as well. Through the available databases using the site requesting quotes to choose , we also provide operational assistance

In addition to the fundamental parameters (area, public utilities , real estate prices, local taxes) investors offer an integral part of the preparation for support and R & D & I background of the investment grade area where the available government grants, community resources and local support programs we present .

The ideal location is an important aspect when choosing existence of an appropriate economic environment, which is an excellent opportunity to develop synergistic relationships by going beyond the physical infrastructure and environmental assessments of the corporate environment portfolio presentation .

The selection and subsequent investment decision after further stages of the project ( engineering, design , organization, proposal writing services) is the right site we can help .

Prepared professional partners for the IPE members have put together great deals to members of the IPE and its partners can all start at the most cost-effective methods of investment.

For more information on this service please contact us!

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