Project management

Project management and proposal writing service complex , either jointly or separately living and to achieve marketable activities .

The 2014-2020 ‘s EU budget period , as earlier, a major development opportunity for the Hungarian economic actors , whether szervezetfejlesztésről , R & D & I projects, technológiafejlesztésről or even construction investment , possibly eszközbeszerzésről .

The service is available in several stages of structuring it serves the purpose that the operator for each market segment , financial resources and development plans as far as most effective to apply for EU , national or bilateral funds drawn down .

The project management to prepare tender monitoring , tender , tender capability assessment , project , and finding the necessary funding Oneroa organization is also part of our services professional partners.

A special area of ​​service R & D & I projects generate are used to collect and marketable solutions together across the country , keep them coordinated . Through its college and university partners as well as domestic and international operators involvement of university R & D & I knowledge base marketing of skilled professional staff shall administer the projects.

Ginop II of our services starting from 2014 . We offer a priority according to the program following the national and international R & D & I trends.

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