Public relations

Try a highly professional , bespoke service and modern solutions partners to promote its products within the framework of public relations and marketing services.

Our members and our partners more directly or indirectly related to the device to access our website .

 undertake professional and public display of items on our website, newsletter, and social networking sites on a regular basis.

 In case of a partnership , we need to assist the development of special offers and deliver them to your target audience.

 My partner and professional presentation and exhibition events provide an opportunity placement of information materials .

In this connection, we help offsite conferences, roadshows and conferences, organizing business meetings, the preparation, in addition to implementation and implementation, as well.

 In addition to their collaborative parnter surfaces and channels of communication channels are available visuals , great designs.

Elements of each service to ensure efficiency and customization , pre- or according to customers’ demands compiled Membership packages are also available .

The services and partner packages prices and other preferential schemes inquire about our colleagues .

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