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The IPE (The Hungarian Association of Industrial, Scientific, Innovative and Technological Parks) was established in 1994 and has been playing an active role in social dialogues ever since covering this specific sector in Hungary. IPE aims to create a vibrant connection among the state and the civil and economic sector, and to work out professional recommendations for the sector and communicate them proactively in the press as well.

Professional network

It is important to underline that IPE is present at every level of advocacy. IPE has the right to participate and have the initiative to express our own professional opinions and affect

decision-making at every possible forum from the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists through the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice of Hungary to the National Council for Sustainable Development.

New structure for 2012-2020

In 2012, we set the objective to exceed classic advocacy and diversify our profile by offering further quality services to our members and business partners. Our expanding international business network does not only provide an opportunity to transfer information and intellectual properties, but to recruit foreign business partners and investors as well.

This new perspective follows up on global mainstreams of the modern world. Therefore, IPE encourages settling of high-tech companies with research and development profiles as high priority. Moreover, IPE is committed to help and advocate the interests of Hungarian universities and scientific laboratories with global reputation to succeed in international competitive markets. There are numerous breakout points to put the Hungarian economy on a long-term growth trajectory. These breakout points include, first and foremost, the use of innovative expedients and techniques such as improving the Hungarian business culture in addition to capitalizing on Hungarian intellectual properties, the development of the Hungarian industrial park network and the objective to integrate them into the industrial park system of the EU. IPE aspires to play a leading and proactive role in creating overarching Hungarian regional programs. Thereby, IPE established a brand-new regional structure in the last couple of years.

This successfully contributed to IPE to further its role at a regional level as well. The comprehensive program of IPE prioritizes capital management, encourages innovation, aims to improve the competitive edge of Hungarian SMEs, to organize clusters and coach managers.

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